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Synergies in Combined Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Hybrid and Multi-use platforms

Date and time

Thursday 29. September 2022 at 10:00 to Thursday 17. November 2022 at 10:00

Registration Deadline

Monday 10. October 2022 at 09:00


On - line and Self Paced , , On - line and Self Paced

Synergies in Combined Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Hybrid and Multi-use platforms

Event Description

The course aims at introducing the economic and technical advantages in combining offshore wind and wave energy in the same structure and/or location. The course will present the market status of hybrid technologies and touch upon certification. A special insight will be given to two hybrid technologies: Floating Power Plant and Wave Dragon. The synergies in combining both resources will be analysed through a techno-economic case study based in North Sea waters, where the course attendant will have the opportunity to understand how both resources complement each other in time and in space.

The role of multi-use platforms, able to harness renewable energies and host tourism attractions and aquaculture facilities will also be addressed. The case of Middelgrunden Wind Farm will exemplify the combination of wind production and tourism. Lastly, the technological and financial barriers and projections for a combined wind and wave mix will be also analysed.

Two life webinars + 6 videorecorded lessons.
App. 8 hours of intense education

¤ Pre-course, free to attend, presentation webinar 
¤ Understanding the resource
¤ Technologies combining wind and wave production
¤ Combined Offshore Wind energy farms & Wave energy arrays
¤ The role of multi-use platforms
¤ Technology Insight: Floating Power Plant
¤ Technology Insight: Wave Dragon
¤ Q&A and Closing discussions webiminar


Julia F. Chozas, as a chief lecturer, Julia has developed the course in cooperation with the lecturers. She has a PhD in Civil Engineering – Marine energies. Julia F. Chozas has worked with (the Danish Transmission System Operator), Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción, DONG Energy, the European Commission, Aalborg University (Civil Engineering and Energy Planning departments), the IEA-OES (the ocean energy dedicated group of the International Energy Agency), Swedish Energy Agency, CIRCE Technological Centre a.o. LinkedIn Profile

Peter Scheijgrond, director Bluespring and chairman of the board, Dutch Energy from Water Association. Independent specialist in the field of marine energy technologies supporting organizations with ideation, evaluations, strategic studies, partnering, funding, design, engineering, testing, and commissioning. Clients range from European Commission, National and regional governments, to SMEs, large offshore industries, utilities, and research centres. LinkedIn Profile

Hans Christian Sørensen, Chairman of the board Wave Dragon ApS. The company is developing wave technology in the MW size. CEO and owner: SPOK ApS. Consulting and project management with core activities within renewable energy- and environmental technologies bringing RTD to business. Chair C-Questor Group, Marine Sector. Bio-fuel production based on sea algae, energy utilization of the sea. Has been during many years Vice President of the European Ocean Energy Association. LinkedIn Profile

 Sarah Thomas, Head of Technology at Floating Power Plant. She has over a decade experience in offshore renewable energy and the modelling and analysis of oceans, floating systems, and fluid-structure interactions. She holds a Master of Mathematics degree and a Civil Engineering PhD which focused on the numerical modelling and optimisation of groups of floating wave energy devices. She leads the technology development of a Danish commercial device which produces energy from both the wind and the waves using a floating platform. LinkedIn Profile

Erik Friis-Madsen is Managing Director of Wave Dragon ApS, the development company for the Wave Dragon, a slack-moored offshore wave energy converter of the overtopping type. He has 40 years’ experience as a consultant engineer and is founder and a member of the boards of the Danish Society of Wave Energy and the Danish Partnership for Wave Energy.He was member of the International Advisory Board of Structural Design of Wave Energy Devices, SDWED and has participated in several EU Framework supported various Wave Energy projects. LinkedIn Profile



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Organizer Contact Information

Energy and Climate Academy
Torben Kirkegaard

Phone: 0045 3023 7636

Organizer Contact Information

Energy and Climate Academy
Torben Kirkegaard

Phone: 0045 3023 7636