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Synergies in Combined Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Hybrid and Multi-use platforms

29. September 2022 to 17. November 2022 - On - line and Self Paced

Goal. The course aims at introducing the economic and technical advantages in combining offshore wind and wave energy in the same structure and/or location.

From € 400

About Energy and Climate Academy

The Energy and Climate Academy, your access to world - class knowledge and experience,was founded in 2013 by Torben Kirkegaard and provides superb and leading edge training for companies in the energy and climate industries as well as cities, regions, and states.

We combine theory with practical experience in a high-impact learning environment.

The Academy will cooperate with some of the world’s leading universities, private and public companies, and organizations.

The purpose of the Academy is to transfer knowledge and experience by means of courses to managers and specialists in private and public companies, cities and states.

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